Hedon Mining Pools

Hedon (HDN) Mining Pools

Hedon is a new digital currency designed to provide payments in and out of the payment system that we will create and that will bear the same name [Hedon Online]. Based on a modern, secure and fast algorithm, with anonymity provided by the Masternodes and the Zerocash protocol, with an elegant way of retargeting the difficulty and large block size to ensure a sufficient number of transactions we believe that Hedon will take its place among the modern recent digital payments.

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Mining Pools

Locations Scheme Min.
Fee Status
1 TheTechnicalsPool JOIN POOL DE PROP 0.001 HDN - 2h 0.5%
2 PeopleLand.net JOIN POOL DE PROP 0.002 HDN - 2h 0.5%
3 SmithPool.net JOIN POOL IT PROP 0.0001 HDN - - 0.9%
4 AikaPool.com JOIN POOL FR PROP 10 HDN - - 1%
5 Mining-Dutch.nl JOIN POOL FR PROP - - 15m 2%
6 Mpos-Pools.com JOIN POOL FR PROP 1 HDN - - 0.25%
7 AioMine.com JOIN POOL CA PROP - - - 1%

Hedon Exchange

Pair Volume (24h) Volume (%) Price