SiaPrime Coin Mining Pools

SiaPrime Coin (SCP) Mining Pools

The SiaPrime solution provides automatic client-side encryption, erasure coding and a redundancy schema that distributes data to dozens of storage nodes for ultra-durability with the customer never surrendering control or ownership of data. Data recovery is possible even if a majority of the nodes go offline.

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SiaPrime Coin
Mining Pools

Locations Scheme Min.
Fee Status
1 SiaPrimeStats.com JOIN POOL US PPS 500 SCP - - 1%
2 IntrepidPool.com JOIN POOL PPS 1000 SCP - 1h 1.9%
3 HyperPool.tech JOIN POOL PPS 200 SCP - - 1.9%
4 FluxPool.tech JOIN POOL US PPS 100 SCP - 6h 1.9%
5 Luxor Mining Pool JOIN POOL PPS 1000 SCP - 1h 2%
6 SiaMining.com JOIN POOL PPS 1000 SCP - - 3%

SiaPrime Coin Exchange

Pair Volume (24h) Volume (%) Price