SmartCash Mining Pools

SmartCash (SMART) Mining Pools

SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy. SmartCash mining prevents mining centralization and stimulate network growth. Every computer can be used as a mining device while still allowing that computer to be used for various other tasks. ASICs have yet to be created for the Keccak mining algorithm and it’s probably safe to assume no ASICs will be created for quite some time, until Smartcash reaches a considerable market cap.

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Mining Pools

Locations Scheme Min.
Fee Status
1 SmartCash.cc JOIN POOL US 0.1 SMART - - 0%
2 SmartCash.cc JOIN POOL EU 0.01 SMART - - 0%
3 SmartCash.cc JOIN POOL HK 0.01 SMART - - 0%
4 NLPool JOIN POOL US PROP 0.001 SMART - 2h 0.25%
5 ZergPool JOIN POOL US PROP 0.0001 SMART - 4h 0.5%
6 Mining-Dutch.nl JOIN POOL FR PROP - - 15m 2%
7 AntMinePool.com JOIN POOL US PROP - - - 0.9%

SmartCash Exchange

Pair Volume (24h) Volume (%) Price