Requirements for getting verified on WhereToMine:

- pool must be active and listed on WhereToMine
- pool fee and payment scheme must be public on pool website
- pool must have support line or person of contact
- pool must have social media presence (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, etc...)
- have an API for 3rd party use cases
- the pool must make a one time 50$ donation to WhereToMine in either Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin

Why must a pool make a 50$ donation in order to be verified?

- in the past we've offered verified status without donations to various pools, most of whom are defunct at this point
- our goal is to let miners know that verified pools are trustworthy, and most of all, stable
- donations will help with the continued development of WhereToMine
- part of the donations will be used to give back to the community via giveaways or other forms of contests

What are the advantages of being Verified?

- all verified pools will be seen at the top of the list on their respective coin page
- the verified ticker lets miners know that the pool is trustworthy and stable
- verified pools gain spot on featured pools on main page of WhereToMine
- verified pools can have logo next to their name (logo must be provided by pool operators)
- verified pools have 7 days of sponsored pool Ad Spot